Treatment of Heelspur / Plantar Fasciitis:

Plantar Fascitiis Your doctor, when diagnosing and treating this condition will need an X-ray and sometimes a gait analysis to ascertain the exact causes of this condition.

If you have pain in the bottom of your foot and you do not have diabetes or a vascular problem, some of the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory products such as Advil or Ibuprofin are helpful in eradicating the pain. Also visit our Products link to view pain creams, such as Pain-Eze that can help to relieve pain and help increase circulation.

Ice compresses, stretching exercises, night splint for traction of the leg muscles to stretch the muscle in the back of the leg, and massage of the back of the leg (foot and calf massager), along with padding and heel cushions are also things that you can do at home.

Good shoe gear is highly recommended for relief of heel pain. Good shoe gear usually consists of a sturdy, solid shoe. Custom orthotics are highly recommended as well.

If all these conservative measures fail to relief the pain, then surgery is indicated. The newer minimal incision surgeries such as the Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy surgery is extremely beneficial for this condition.

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